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My Story

  Lifted Mountain had been a dream of mine for a long time. I had been creating herbal products for myself, family, and friends for over a decade; then I decided it was time to take the leap.  I truly believe in my products and stand by them. I use high quality ingredients and formulate from years of experience.  My goal is to make great products while making the smallest impact on the earth.  I am grateful to have the opportunity to share my gifts with you. May my products lift your body care routine.


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About Me

Lifted Mountain is woman owned and operated by Autum Siegler.   Autum has completed courses through the Herbal Academy of New England and has been studying herbs for over 10+ years. She has found herbs to be supportive in living her life to the fullest.  She is a mother of a very creative boy and lives on a farm in VT.

Lifted Mountain Values

Lifted Mountain is inspired to share the joy of herbs grown and packaged with respect for the earth. My products are created with botanicals that are either cultivated on my farm, foraged ethically, or sourced from other farmers that share lifted values. By using regenerative farming practices on my farm, and offering recyclable and compostable packaging, I am  playing a part in creating a more lifted world.

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